New York State Criminal Defense Lawyers


New York State Defense Attorneys

While the Long Island and New York City criminal defense attorneys at Barket Epstein are well-experienced in both federal and state law, we most frequently defend our clients at the New York State level since this is where most criminal offenses are prosecuted.

Common Criminal Charges at the New York State Level

There are a number of criminal charges that may be lodged against you at the state level, including:

Our highly skilled criminal defense attorneys, representing clients in Nassau, Suffolk, New York City and throughout the region, are prepared to fight for your rights and have a track record of success both in negotiating successful plea bargains and in reaching favorable outcomes in the courtroom. Our team includes former prosecutors, former legal aid attorneys, and former criminal court judges to help you navigate the criminal justice landscape.  The sooner you consult with us, the sooner we can determine the best course of action in your particular case and get to work. Whether you have been arrested and charged with a crime, or are simply being investigated, we are available for instructive consultation.

Defenses Against Criminal Charges in New York

Our skilled criminal defense attorneys know the ins and outs of New York State law and will use that knowledge to decide on your best line of defense.  We are able to quickly identify any and all possible defenses that may be available to you and to pursue those defenses with our team of investigators and experts.

Consultation with an attorney is critical and the attorneys at Barket Epstein are ready to use every tool available in defending you against criminal charges.