Long Island Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being charged with a crime can have serious consequences, among these are the loss of your freedom and long-term damage to your reputation.

Barket Epstein is one of the premier criminal defense firms representing clients throughout Long Island and the New York metropolitan area. We have a well-earned reputation for protecting the rights of the accused. Our criminal defense attorneys are comfortable defending cases in the trial courts as well as pursuing appeals. We are well versed in both the state and federal rules of criminal procedure. Our team is comprised of former criminal court judges, former prosecutors and former legal aid attorneys. Their combined experience gives us a distinct advantage in criminal proceedings.

Your Defense Starts Here

If you have been arrested, it is crucial to contact us as soon as possible so that we can start preparing your defense. We will represent you at the arraignment, arrange for bail, and work to secure your release. When it comes to protecting your rights, having our attorneys in your corner is invaluable.

We will conduct a thorough investigation and collect important evidence.  We will learn all of the facts and look to identify any mistakes law enforcement may have committed. Did the arresting officer fail to recite your Miranda Warnings? Did the police obtain evidence with a defective search warrant or no warrant at all?

In addition, we will identify and interview witnesses and work to uncover evidence of your innocence. We will also explore alternative theories of the crime. Do you have a reasonable alibi? Have you been the victim of mistaken identity? Were you falsely accused in an act of revenge? Regardless of the circumstances, we will provide you with a vigorous defense and work tirelessly to win an acquittal. When your freedom is on the line, we will stand by every step of way.

At Barket Epstein, our guiding principle is that any who has been charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. We know that dealing with the criminal justice system can be intimidating for anyone who has been arrested. Our attorneys will take the time to fully explain your rights, provide you with an honest assessment of your chances at trial, and guide you through the process.

Know Your Rights

Remember: if you have been arrested, you have the right to remain silent. You also have the right to an attorney. Our accomplished criminal defense attorneys have decades of experience handling all types of criminal cases. We are committed to winning an acquittal or having the charges dropped. When necessary, we may also move to have the charges reduced or negotiate a plea bargain. If you have already been convicted, we will determine if there are grounds for an appeal. Our attorneys have a proven track record of success in the appellate courts. At Barket Epstein, our mission is to make sure that you receive equal justice under the law. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.