As skilled criminal defense lawyers, we are fully prepared to defend you against charges ranging from DWI and other driving offenses to white collar crime and homicide. We have helped thousands of clients out of all types of legal predicaments and are eager to help you regain freedom and stability.

Barket Epstein has successfully litigated narcotic-trafficking cases that originated in Central and East Africa, Panama, Mexico, and across the United States. From our knowledge of international law concerning extradition and rendition to our ability to contest eavesdropping (wiretap) warrants under Title III, we can provide a thorough defense for individuals charged by the United States with violating 21 United States Code §841, for distribution, manufacturing, conspiracy, or other related charges including money laundering.

Equally important is our ability to breach cultural barriers. We understand the trauma to not just the individual charged but also to family members. Our lawyers and investigators have traveled to various countries to meet with clients and family members as part of building a successful defense or to develop mitigation to reduce sentences.

Whether you want to fight for your freedom at trial or dispose of your case quickly, we can try cases in any federal court in the country or work toward a favorable plea bargain. We understand the process in the United States federal court system and can exploit the intricacies of its sentencing laws.

From our convenient offices in Manhattan, Garden City and Huntington, we are available to assist you as you go through what is undoubtedly one of the most stressful periods of your life. Our legal team knows the intricacies of the law and will use proven methods to defend your rights and obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Whatever you have been accused of or arrested for, we have the resources to investigate your case thoroughly. We will analyze evidence, track down witnesses, and evaluate law enforcement actions to provide you with the strongest defense possible. Most of all, we will listen carefully to your account of the incident and treat you with the utmost respect.

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When you engage our services, you are putting yourself in the hands of attorneys with a history of success in both state and federal courts. Not only are we familiar with state, federal and local laws, we are strategic in our approach to your defense, giving you the best possible chance for a successful outcome.

Clients from New York City and Long Island come to us with a wide variety of legal needs. Whether you are involved in a business dispute, having a problem with a neighbor that results in a lawsuit, have been arrested for securities fraud, embezzlement, DWI, drug or pornography possession, vehicular manslaughter or another type of homicide, Barket Epstein can help. Our attorneys are committed to bringing your case to a positive conclusion. We understand how trying legal problems can be and are there to support you in any way we can. We work hard to protect your privacy and your reputation as well as your freedom.

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Your Criminal Defense Can’t Wait

The best favor you can do for yourself if you’re arrested, or even contacted by law enforcement, is to contact a capable attorney as quickly as possible. Without legal counsel, you are likely to be held longer and treated with less respect. Moreover, a competent lawyer will advise you concerning exactly what you should say and do while in custody and will know what steps to take to ensure your prompt release.

The sooner you consult with a capable attorney, the sooner you are on the road to a successful defense. Whatever the event that has resulted in your arrest, the more quickly your lawyer hears your version of the story, the more time he or she has to investigate the situation before evidence is removed and witnesses forget details or are influenced by others.


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As anyone who has had experience with legal matters will tell you, laws are complex and exacting. For this reason, the longer you remain in the dark about rules and procedures that may alter the course of your life, the worse it is likely to go for you. The urgency of contacting a knowledgeable attorney is that you are connecting with a professional who has been down this path many times before and who will lead you through the unknown with a clear head and a steady hand.

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Compassionate & Aggressive

Compassion and aggression are the yin and yang of fine attorneys. In order to be competent advocates for your rights during negotiations and courtroom litigations, our lawyers are sharp and aggressive.

In dealing with your fear, pain or trauma, however, we show our softer side. As our client, you will always receive our empathy and support, whether you have suffered a personal injury, are involved in a bitter lawsuit, or have been accused of a crime.





While you may be surprised to encounter this dichotomy, it is precisely what makes us sought after attorneys. We have to be prepared to argue vigorously in order to defend you, and, under some circumstances, to attack the opposing forces, whether they are police officers or civilians. We prepare carefully to be able to confront inaccuracies, inconsistencies, prejudices, and assumptions. We present evidence — pertinent papers, tapes, photos, videos — to reinforce favorable testimony.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime, such as loan sharking, embezzlement, or insurance fraud, we have access to experts renowned in the field of forensic accounting and a proven ability to utilize tactics and experts across a wide spectrum of disciplines that have proven successful time and again.

If you have gotten into serious difficulty with the law and have been accused of assault, homicide, rape or sexual assault, or have been arrested on DWI or drug charges, we have a variety of defense options at our disposal. Our long-term experience in the field of criminal defense enables us to choose the best one for your particular case.

We realize how terrifying it can be to become entangled in the complicated workings of the legal system. In a matter of moments, your life can change irrevocably. This is why you need a strong attorney to protect your freedom and prevent you from damaging your career, your relationships, your reputation and your finances. Civil or commercial litigation can result in a substantial financial loss, or even the loss of your business. A criminal conviction can affect every part of your life, particularly if it includes imprisonment. Having a conviction on your permanent record can change the entire direction of your life, keeping you from getting into the college of your dreams, getting the job you desperately want, or fulfilling your retirement plans.

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Carlos A. was wrongfully accused and indicted on two B felony Sexual Course of Conduct counts for allegedly sexually abusing two girls ages 5-8 during...

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If you reside in New York City or in Nassau or Suffolk County and you are having legal difficulties, Barket Epstein is the law firm to contact. Remember the sooner you get us on board, the sooner you and your loved ones will experience the relief of having a winning team on your side. We work diligently every day to maintain our fine reputation. Every one of our attorneys gets rave reviews from his or her clients. The testimonials posted on our website attest to characteristics we pride ourselves on: ingenuity, courtroom skills persistence and integrity. You can trust us to communicate with you often and honestly and treat you with the respect you deserve.