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At Barket Epstein, we are different from other law firms, and those differences put us in a better position to serve our clients and protect their rights. We have a core philosophy and a principled and unwavering approach toward the practice of law:

RESPECT FOR OUR CLIENTS: We focus on our clients as unique people in need of our help in solving their unique problems. We are committed to affording each client with the respect that they deserve, and insist that judges, prosecutors and adversaries in all forums treat them with that same degree of respect.

A FOCUS ON SUCCESSFUL PROBLEM SOLVING: We know that people come to us to preserve and protect their freedoms, their reputations, their careers and, in some cases, their lives. We define the quality of our work by the successful results that we obtain for our clients, and we NEVER view failure as either acceptable or unavoidable.

PROMPT AND HONEST COMMUNICATION: We are committed to ensuring that our clients must and will have a complete understanding of the work that we are performing on their behalf at all stages of the case. Being honest and forthright with a client will often mean confronting that client with difficult facts and realities about themselves and their cases. We are determined to maintain open lines of communication and stand ready to discuss any aspect of a case and answer any question that a client may have in an open, prompt and honest manner.

EXPERIENCED MEDIA AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT: We stand ready and able to defend our clients not only in court, but in the forum of public opinion as well. We never act out of a motivation for publicity, but when publicity finds our clients we are not intimidated by that attention and have the experience to handle it head on. Our wealth of experience in handling high profile cases is an asset that we bring to each client and each case.

TIRELESS INVESTIGATION AND PREPARATION: We believe that cases are won and lost based upon the quality of the investigative efforts invested in, and the tireless attention to detail and preparation of that case. Exhaustive research, investigation and preparation are the cornerstones of our practice and every case that we handle at Barket Epstein.

A REPUTATION FOR INTEGRITY: We always conduct ourselves with the utmost honor and integrity, and we zealously represent our clients within the context of our ethical obligations. With our impressive roster of former prosecutors and judges, we have established a formidable reputation among court personnel, the bench, prosecutors and adversaries of all kinds throughout the region, as tireless and highly respected advocates for our clients.

A FAIR FEE STRUCTURE: We are committed to earning the fees that we charge and charging only the fees that we earn. With a fee structure that is based upon our expertise, experience and the time that we spend on a case, our clients receive the benefits of our tireless work ethic, our impressive roster of attorneys and our decades of experience and expertise.With offices in New York City and Garden City, Long Island, we serve clients throughout the tri-state area and in Federal courts nationwide. To schedule a consultation, please contact our office at 516-745-1500