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In New York City and on Long Island, as elsewhere in the country, theft is committed daily. While it is certainly distressing to be accused of committing a theft, and much worse to be convicted of the crime, don’t forget that the criminal justice system allows you to have competent legal defense. Take advantage of it. No matter what type of theft crime you have been accused of committing, the first thing you should do after your arrest is get in touch with the highly capable criminal defense attorney at Barket Epstein, one of the premier criminal defense firms in the area.

Barket Epstein Will Take Care of You Legally and Offer You Moral Support

Whatever the circumstances of your arrest or the evidence presented, at Barket Epstein we are committed to the principle that you are “innocent until proven guilty, and our goal is always to protect your civil rights, your freedom, and your reputation. Well-known for our agile negotiation skills and our powerful litigation tactics, our team consists of former criminal court judges, former prosecutors, and former legal aid attorneys. Our combined experience gives us extraordinary insight into which strategies will work best in defending you from the charges you face.

Our in-depth knowledge of both state and federal law will also stand you in good stead. When you come to Barket Epstein you can trust us to evaluate your case carefully and honestly. While we will always work hard to get you completely exonerated, if the evidence against you is overwhelming, we will be frank about whether we believe a plea bargain to a lesser charge is your best option.

We are prepared to help you from the first moment you realize that you’re embroiled in a difficult, frightening situation. Once you become our client we will represent you at your arraignment, arrange for bail, and work to secure your release. Not only will we aggressively defend you at trial, we will, if necessary, file an appeal and continue to support you through the appeals process.

Types of Theft Crimes

In New York, theft, also known as larceny, occurs when an individual “wrongfully takes, obtains or withholds” property from its rightful owner, with the intention of keeping it. Theft crimes in New York are generally divided into two categories, depending on the valuation of what has been stolen: petit (petty) larceny for property or services valued at no more than $1,000 and grand larceny when the value of the property or services is above $1,000 or the property taken is by law in a specially designated category, such as a firearm, motor vehicle, or credit/debit card.

The penalties increase according to the value of what has been stolen, so that the lowest form of petit larceny, a Class A misdemeanor, of minimal shoplifting (under $1,000), will usually be punished by a fine, community service and/or probation. Typically those convicted are not jailed, but if they are the maximum sentence is one year. Grand larceny as a Class B felony (theft of over $1,000,000) however, is a very serious crime and may result in a $30,000 fine and long-term imprisonment (up to 25 years).

Beyond this, the broad range of theft crimes includes:

  • Auto theft — taking a vehicle that doesn’t belong to you
  • Burglary — breaking into the premises of another with intent to commit theft
  • Embezzlement — stealing money you are entrusted to manage (e.g. as for an employer, or investment client)
  • Fraud — criminal deception for financial gain
  • Identity theft — acquisition and use of another person’s private identifying information, almost always for financial gain
  • Robbery — stealing while threatening the victim, with or without a weapon
  • Shoplifting — the theft of merchandise from a store
  • Theft of services — not paying for landscaping, plumbing, restaurant, or other services
  • Writing bad checks (checks with no money in the bank to back them)

Barket Epstein criminal defense attorneys, with our varied backgrounds and outstanding track record of success, are just what you’re looking for when you need a trustworthy, talented team of theft crime attorneys.

Defenses for Theft Crimes

At Barket Epstein, we are well aware that you are likely worried, confused, and frightened by your entanglement with the law. That’s why we want to offer you our assistance. Once you come to consult with us, you are sure to feel relieved because now you have legal professionals at the helm. Depending on the particular circumstances of your case, we may use one of the following defenses to create a winning strategy:

  • You were under the misconception that the property belonged to you (“mistake of fact”)
  • Your intention was to borrow, not to steal
  • You have a solid alibi and were not anywhere near the site when the theft occurred
  • You were misidentified as the thief
  • You did not intend to steal but made an honest mistake (e.g. you didn’t see the item at the back of your grocery cart)
  • You were coerced, threatened or forced to take the property in question
  • You actually owned the property you are accused of stealing
  • You were entrapped by law enforcement to commit the crime

Whichever tactic our attorneys use to restore your credibility and your freedom, they will be laser-focused on your case, giving you the personal attention and respect you deserve.

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Remember, our savvy attorneys have been through all of this before. We will not be overwhelmed as you probably are. We know exactly what to do to get you the very best outcome. The sooner you contact one of our conveniently located offices, the sooner our theft crime attorneys will investigate, examining police data and interviewing arresting officers, witnesses or other individuals with information about the incident. Don’t be a victim. Be proactive. Contact Barket Epstein.